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Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
tomorrow. in washington, boston, newark, and new york's john f. kennedy, airport operations are returning to normal. flightaware estimates 2,800 flights were canceled today, down from a peak of almost 8,000 on monday. tomorrow, 530 flights have been officially scrapped, but that will grow, if as seems likely, laguardia has trouble opening tomorrow. add it up and airlines took a big hit from sandy. >> you can multiply 18,000 canceled flights by a few tens of thousands of dollars in revenue per flight and you're well north of $100 million in lost revenue. some of it they will be able to recover by flying flightmore full over the next week, but a lot of it is gone. >> reporter: if it rolls on the ground, recovery will take amtrak is providing limited service south and north of new york. but it gave no estimate for when flooded tunnels will be cleared and service restored into new york's penn station. darren gersh, "n.b.r.," washington. >> sie: the crippled transportation system is a big headache for feiex, joining us paul tronsor. he runs fed-ex' globalni operations control center
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
different story as far as amtrak is concerned. trains north of newark, new jersey will not be restored until at least monday. this, as the entire travel industry tries to get back to normal. >> now that sandy has passed and people are trying to get back to normal, amtrak is probably having the most trouble as it tracks remain flooded and damage in and north of new york. there is modified service, meaning you can get as far as newark, new jersey. that is good news for this woman trying to get back to queen's. >> no trains to new york until monday. that is not the word i want to use right now. >> there were some minor blips' with baltimore's cruise terminal. passengers said to leave on the enchantment of the seas can get a voucher for their crews or take a cruise to nowhere up the chesapeake bay and out to sea for a day. >> most of us just wanted to relax and do nothing. we got what we wanted to do. >> he was one of about 12 underpass in jersey took a cruise and said writing out sandy was just fine. >> the captain did a wonderful job. when we were anchored, you could not even te
Nov 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
flights to new york's laguardia airport thursday afternoon. limited service returned to jfk and newark wednesday. "the first thing i'd tell a business traveller is call a travel agent who can get you through some of the ins and outs during this time. one of the challenges is the repositioning of jets to ny. they have to bring them back in." american airlines extended its rebooking period on storm- affected tickets without penalty through december 20th instead of the usual one-week or refunds if a flight was cancelled. but customers on united have only until november 9th to reschedule. new york's subway system suffered the worst damage in its 108-year history when floodwaters poured into the subway just as they cascaded into roadway and rail tunnels. "getting water out of the tunnels is the main business right now." sandy's path of destruction included 100 homes destroyed or heavily-damaged when fire jumped from house to house in the breezy point neighborhood of queens. entire homes along the jersey shore were swept off their foundations. and emergency crews patrolled flooded streets in
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
. don is a former city councilmember where he served newark as president of that council and county freeholder and takes over after the very tragic passing of his dad, don payne sr., who worked with over the years. don before me, we worked side by side on issues related to africa. the speaker: the gentleman will suspend. will the house please be in order? will the house please be in order? could members please take their seats? the gentleman may proceed. mr. smith: again, i'll be very brief. he takes over, of course, after the tragic passing of don payne who all of us loved, admired and respected. and i sat next to don for years on the foreign affairs committee. he was the chairman of africa. i chaired it and do so today, and we worked side by side on malaria and a whole host of very important issues relevant to health and well-being to the people of africa, global health and human rights. don, you have very big shoes to fill. i'm sure you'll do it, and it's a great pleasure -- don has been an activist on a number of issues, including embracing arms. he works very strongly on job cr
Nov 27, 2012 11:30am PST
. back in newark, new jersey, moran began what he termed his "big picture," "the grand canyon of the yellowstone." for moran, the spiritual, natural and aesthetic realms should blend to create a great impression. to that end, he combined different points of view into one dramatic panorama. moran explained, the precipitous rocks on the right were really at my back when i stood at that point. yet in their present position, they are strictly true to pictorial nature. my aim was to bring before the public the character of that region. narrator: reporting to congress, hayden suggested that the geyser region of yellowstone be set apart as a national park. congressman william kelly of pennsylvania also promoted the legislation, no doubt eager to please jay cooke, a prominent constituent. oke undetood the economic benefits for his northe pacific railad the senate debated the proposed bill. man: "i have grave doub about the propriety of passing this bill-- why settlers should be excluded from a tract of land for a public park? persons would go and settle and cultivate the ground." ( various v
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
hours. nbc's harry chick ma live in newark, with more on the backups on the roads and public transportation, which is slow, if moving at all, harry. >> good morning, aaron. we are live here in downtown newark at the famous penn station. right now, quite infamous, the people and all of the community have been waiting in lines for gas and also now the train system. earlier, when we first got here, there was great news to report. four train lines were opened as a result of the new jersey transit great hard work. four lines to be open today. unfortunately, at 2:30 a.m., right before we went on the air for the first time, we were alerted three of the four train lines, mainline, coastline and rar i tan valley line could be shut down for the day as a result of power failure which happened due to major malfunctions this afternoon. that power failure affected the control system of these trains. now there, is some good news to report. the buss are running and there is one train line still running, the northeast corridor train, which travels from trenton to new york city. they were able
Nov 8, 2012 11:30am PST
was 1600. this is jfk, newark, laguardia, delays moderate to significant on the delay index down from excessive which is what it was rated this morning many things are improving in the bay area. a spokesman at sfo says flights are better today than yesterday when 30 flights were cancelled today there's a total of 12. majority of those are arrivals, not departures. as for delays, the faa does not have any scheduled right now flights are still an hour or two behind in some places. the majority of the problems at sfo are due to problems at jfk also newark, philadelphia and jfk. if you are flying east or expecting arrival from the east you should check the status of your flight go to click the flight tracker at the bottom of your screen. >>> hundreds of guests at a burlingame hotel had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. five hundred people from the airport embassy suites were forced out of their rooms after the boiler started leaking carbon monoxide. one guest was taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning last night. firefighters declared the area safe
Nov 7, 2012 4:30am PST
in newark. the incident was reported at the two-story he on merion drive just a >>> people are displaced this morning after a fire tore through a house in newark. the incident was reported at the two-story home on marian drive just after 2:00 this morning. fire crews had the flames under control within an hour. alameda county fire says there were no injuries, no word on the cause of the fire. >>> new york city is warning people in low-lying areas to get out with a new storm on the way. a nor'easter is expected to hit later today meaning strong winds and heavy rains in areas still recovering from hurricane sandy. airlines have canceled flights at the three major airports. the slowdown could slow down the effort to restore power to the more than 1 million people without power. those guys really need a break. >> it's a week-plus and that storm is working its way there. well, i guess you played nostradamus and said obama would win and now -- >> there's big changes in the weather. what a change from yesterday. we have temperatures in the 70s and 80s again but looks like things are g
Nov 8, 2012 11:00am PST
is jfk, newark, laguardia, delays moderate to significant on the delay index down from excessive which is what it was rated this morning many things are improving in the bay area. a spokesman at sfo says flights are better today than yesterday when 30 flights were cancelled today there's a total of 12. majority of those are arrivals, not departures. as for delays, the faa does not have any scheduled right now flights are still an hour or two behind in some places. the majority of the problems at sfo are due to problems at jfk also newark, philadelphia and jfk. if you are flying east or expecting arrival from the east you should check the status of your flight go to click the flight tracker at the bottom of your screen. >>> hundreds of guests at a burlingame hotel had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. five hundred people from the airport embassy suites were forced out of their rooms after the boiler started leaking carbon monoxide. one guest was taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning last night. firefighters declared the area safe 5:00 this morn
Nov 8, 2012 4:25am EST
about 4 inches at jfk airport and 6 at newark. i'm sure there will be additional travel delays. >> and the people that got their power back on and now they are back in the dark again. >> as unusual as the superstorm was, very unusual to be getting such heavy snow in early november too. >> what is going on? >> more on that later. let's get to our weather. we sort of dodged the worst of this one as it was just off to the north and east but we got a little taste it was as wisdom mentioned. we got officially a trace of snow at reagan national. 4 # now in washington. it is cool across the region. 36 this morning in leonardtown. 36 in frederick. 38 in martinsburg. -- 42 now in washington. 45 in fredericksburg. chilly temperature to start your day. we'll top out the low 50s today. it will feel better than yesterday. yesterday, we were only in the mid-50s. still cool for this time of year and you mix in some winds which will be gusting aat about 15 to 20 during the course of the day. it will feel cooler than temperatures in the 50s. right now, the wind out of the north and west at about 12 her
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
everybody is an absolute travesty. >> he paid over $1,000 for his third state trip to run in the newark city marathon. he took because the new-york city marathon that the new york city marathon would be worked. >> he said that it is on for the week leading up to it. and once i was out in new york city that they decided to cancel it is frustrating. >> if he decided earlier that it was canceled he said that could have saved some time, money, headache. >> when he said that it was going on perhaps he should have stuck by his word and now that i'm already out here. it is a little bit disappointing. >> he is staying at his uncle's place in manhattan and is going to fly back to san francisco on monday. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> decision 2012 with only three more days until election day the candidates are picking up the pace. for a crucial battleground states. for more on the story, christina. >> the race to the white house has just three days left and they're eating their road for the final time. president obama and- the art-hitting the road. in key battleground states and the running m
Oct 31, 2012 9:00pm PDT
the state hit hardest by sandy. mr. mayor, welcome back. how are things in newark? we saw the things with chris christie and barack obama in new jersey. how are things where you are? >> the devastation in the southern parts of our state, command our attention, compassion and prayers. newark our major problem is power, still out to half of the city. still so many people in very vulnerable conditions, dependent on medicines that need to be reridge rated and others who are residents are trapped, disabled, unable to come down and worried. we have been delivering food and trying to get things done. unfortunately, we have announced a number of fatalities today. three in our city. one was in the form of a drowning. two unfortunately today two young women who had a generator hooked up and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. this is what we fear. we now have recovery going on. there are still hazards and some of them are created by people trying to compensate for the lack of power by open flames, using ovens to heat their homes or generators and it creates hazards everything from fires
Nov 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
by hurricane sandy. two dozen people were killed and in newark, mayor coulderry booker has been working, walking the streets, inviting storm victims to his own home. 60,000 resident res about to mark one week without power. temperatures dropping there, too. mayor booker joins me live now. welcome back, mr. mayor. how are things in newark right now? >> things are tough. still tens of thousands of residents without power. you have streets like this where there's not only no power but they have trees falling on their homes and going through a difficult time. but i will say this about our city, about the state of new jersey about our nation. you know, people are often at their best when things are at their worst. and the resill yen so i have my community is very much there the self-reliance, the fortitude. so, there's a lot of folks suffering, a lot of challenges right now, people isolated. seniors, people disabled, sick, doing our best to set up logistic networks to get them, we will endure through this, but more challenging as day after day goes on, places with no power. >> gettin
Nov 30, 2012 6:00am PST
the dumbarton at newark boulevard, southbound 680 mission accident, southbound 680 at 84 an accident tough drive all around the bay area this morning i am >>> -- this morning. >>> kira klapper live in los gatos. >> reporter: >> we can hear keira but we can see the story, the rain is coming down heavy, coming down side ways in the south bay they have lots of power outages 15,000 total around the bay area,, waking up without power are more than 4800 customers don't have electricity in san mateo county, nearly 4,000 in marin county. in santa clara county, 2500 customers tone have power, more than 1800 in napa county, there's the -- big ones massive tree fell across a busy road in mill valley this morning. >> between 2 a.m. on to miller avenue. we want to show you the big problem which is some of the lights out affecting the bridges in the area we are working to get more information on when this could be restored and what the cause might be. right now the bay bridge is dark. >> gives an eerie to those headlights. we have lots going on with accidents, power outages and rain. >>>
Nov 3, 2012 12:00am EDT
hurricane sandy, but one of them is going so far above and beyond that it's almost nuts. newark mayor corey booker has been inviting people to his house. he tweeted this yesterday to a newark resident who asked him for help. he said, there's someone at my house now, eric, i've got space you can relax in, charge devices and even a working dvd player. come by, my serene love. this either makes him the coolest or creepiest mayor ever. i'm not sure. he's either extreme little generous or one of his friends is playing an awesome practical joke on him right now. around a dozen strangers showed up at the house yesterday. they watched movies, they orderorder ed food. i think he had more than 30 people over at his house tonight. we're actually thinking about having our afterparty at the mayor's house in newark. good for him. [ applause ] and you kn, if you've always wanted to ransack a mayor's medicine cabinet, now is your chance. as you know, the presidential election is on tuesday. according to polls, obama and romney are still neck and neck. both campaigns made their final push today. romne
Nov 8, 2012 2:00pm EST
amounts of snowfall. n newark, the biggest snowfall. it's kin of surreal to see snow on a dune and also see snow on hurricane damage. we have debris piled up everywhere. power crews are back in town here because the beach east of the tracks is still without power. they don't want to turn the power on. they're concerned about fires. we have crews up and down the streets from tampa, florida. this is the debris lester holt showed you. this is where we were standing until about three hours before sandy came in. then the surge took out a 350-foot dune. this restaurant is a total mess. one bit of good news today. airport cancellations, flight cancellations down. yesterday we had over 1700, today about 650. 90% of those are at newark, laguardia and jfk. no delays are reported. when you have 500 cancellations at newark, that would cut down on any backlog and delays. also brick township when this a mandatory evacuation in low-lying areas rescinds that at 3:00 p.m. only for the mainland areas. the barrier islands up and down the coast are off limits in jersey. better weather aahead, though,
Nov 1, 2012 10:00pm EDT
house with him. he happens to be the mayor of newark, new jersey, the big city just across the way from new york. and they are having big problems. and tonight, tom brokaw reports on cory booker, a hands-on guy with his hands full. >> this is mayor cory booker. we have a power situation, obviously. >> reporter: even before hurricane sandy invaded his town, cory booker had one of the toughest jobs in politics. >> you guys don't have any young babies or kids in there, do you? >> reporter: trying to rebuild newark, constantly buffeted by the winds of poverty and crime. now, 94% of newark is without power. >> we need some lights on in here! >> right now, i'm sending a tweet out to the resident that was concerned about her sick child. >> reporter: booker, once a rhodes scholar, is a high-tech mayor. and his constituents know how to catch up. here's a tweet about a power outage sent by, get this, champagne mommy at playboy bunny. >> what kind of twitter handle do you have here? look at this cute little baby. i have cold milk. we have diapers. i hope those are going to fit. >> reporter: i caug
Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
aeropuertos de nueva york y newark reanudaron parcialmente actividades, la limpieza demorarÁ 4 dÍas. >>> la ayuda a las zonas afectadas llega de todas partes, una de las urgencias en el noreste de estados unidos es el restablecimiento del servicio elÉctrico, y es la misiÓn de cientos de trabajadores que se preparan para viajar. >>> decenas de vehÍculos y personal de la compaÑÍa edison son alistados para partir de emergencia para ayudar al rÁpido restablecimiento del servicio elÉctrico que es la prioridad. >>> vamos a enviar mÁs de 200 empleados y contratistas y 70 vehÍculos que incluyen camiones o equipo necesario. >>> pero la primera dificultad es hacer llegar este equipo y personal desde una costa a otra. >>> mejor es por aire. pero ahora estamos trabajando con el gobierno para ver si se puede. >>> 12 transportes aÉreos son requeridos, que es mÁs grande del que originalmente fue planeado con la compaÑÍa con edison. >>> se hace ahora llevar equipo, y tendremos asistencia militar. >>> casi 9 millones de residencias sufrieron el paso de sandy. un millÓn de ellos en 14 z
Nov 10, 2012 7:30pm PST
house fire in newark. viewers sent us this video taken as firefighters were getting on the scene. the fire on serve rine started on the side of the garage. workers were doing renovation and noticed the garage was on fire. the cause is under investigation but doesn't appear to be suspicious. >>> several people were forced out of their apartment by fire in san jose. the fire department says the fire was reported before 1:00 a.m. one unit destroyed. no one was hurt and investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. new information tonight on the chain of events that led to cia director, david petraeus. fbi was investigating a report by often identified woman that paula broadwell was sending her harassing emails. agents stumble ed across evidence that petraeus and broadwell were having an affair, both were married. >>> lockheed martin ousted its president over relationships with a subordinate. the board of directors asked christopher to resign from his role as vice chairman, president and chief operating officer. scheduled to become ceo in january. an ethics investigation co
Nov 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
difficult to come by, gas rationing in newark city and long island. drivers have increasingly -- in new york city and long island. drivers have increasingly short fuses. >> if you run up in a few hours. >> @ since apiece as a man pushes his -- a tense piece after a man pushes his car to the promised land. more than 500,000 customers across the region are living without power and many also need gas to keep generators running in frigid temperatures. >> 90% is not a victory. the 10% who do not have power is not a defeat. we will keep working and keep pushing the utility companies every day until that number is 0. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg is taking action, starting at gas rationing system. gas will be rationed stupid drivers with -- will be rationed to drivers who is license plate ends with an odd number to debt -- today. even numbers will be tomorrow. fuel delivery is disrupted. >> we came into manhattan to get gas. >> an hour and a half? >> no, two hours. >> the shortages and long lines are expected to last at least another two weeks. abc news, new york. >> thank you. comi
Nov 4, 2012 9:00pm PST
lives back in order, and so far they haven't seen much help out here. >> newark new jersey was also hit hard by sandy. cory booker is walking the streets, asking for help. >> there's still tens of thousands of residents without power. you have streets like this, where there's not only no power, but trees have fallen through their homes. i will say this about our city, about the state of new jersey, our nation. people are often at their best when things are at their worst, the resiliency of my community is very much there, the self-reliance, the fortitude. there's a lot of folks suffering a lot of challenges right now. especially as you have isolated seniors, disabled, people who are sick. we're doing our best to set up logistic networks to get to them. we're going to endure through this, it's going to become more challenging day after day as places go on without power. >> it's getting noticeably colder this weekend. another storm due on wednesday, with freezing cold temperatures, it's going to be very hard for those who don't have power. so our thoughts are with them. let's turn to
Nov 7, 2012 6:30pm EST
sido cancelados tren e los aeropuertos kennedy y la guardia en nueva york. en el de newark, new jersey y el de philadelphia. ordenes famoamos la evacuaciÓn asilos en Áreas que fueron azotadas por el huracÁn sandy. >>> los vientos de la esttormen podrÍan acceder los 50 millas por horas y caer entre 3 y 6 pulgadas de fno ve. >>> en new jersey miembros de la guardia nacional estÁn listos para ayudar a la poblaciÓn y evacuar a quienes sea necesario dijo el gobernador. aquÍ en brooklyn donde casi un 20% de los residentes son de origen hispano, hay lugares como coney island que todavÍa parecen zonas de guerra donde esta tor men toro pena invernal es echarle sal en la le herida. en nueva york >>yo soy homosexual. >>pues sÍ se nota. mi hijo no >>yo soy homosexual. >>pues sÍ se nota. mi hijo no me va a salir como tÚ, fÍjate.
Nov 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
. they will operate modified service south of newark, new jersey today. they are hoping to restore limited service to new york city tomorrow. those who have already -- you can receive a refund or a voucher for future travel. >> city buses are starting to run again in new york. wednesday night people push their way onto a bus and headed over the queens borough bridge. the agency that runs public transport will offer free rides today and tomorrow. they are encouraging people to use mass transit instead of driving. 4:" right now and 41 degrees outside. >> the video that has gone by role. the presidential election >> welcome back. >> we were following a story out of college park, maryland. police say a robbery took place early this morning at the 7300 baltimore ave. the suspects are still at large. they are asking students to stay alert. this did happen off campus. it is a store we are continuing to follow. another story from the university of southern california. we will pull up the front page of the l.a. times. several people have been shot at a campus halloween party. not sure yet i
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
of newark so we can now, the three of us, or the four of us, or the five of us even, actually get along on something here. >> i love it. >> when it comes to education which is one of the hot button issues the past two years on this show but this is great news. >> so talk about what happened. >> what happened was the folks in newark, the superintendent and the president of the teachers union wanted to do something different. randy and i were supportive of that. we control the newark state district, the state does. we've taken it over so we're the negotiators. i think we've all decided we need to do something different and not only does it provide merit bonuses and provide advancement based on merit but involves the teachers in the evaluation process as well. and so everybody got around the table and compromise d with eac other and now have created a system where it's not no longer just seniority or degrees received but now it's how you perform in the classroom. and that evaluation is not just done by the administration but teachers involved as well. everybody has a stake in it and
Nov 8, 2012 7:00am PST
flights from newark, j.f.k. and philadelphia to be canceled again today. if you plan to fly just call ahead first. yesterday, 31 flights were canceled, including flights to philadelphia, connecticut and washington, d.c. >>> 7:05. president obama is back in washington, d.c. this morning. still facing the challenges of a divided congress. the president and his family returned to the white house overnight. before returning to washington, the president called congressional leaders and urged them to work together in a spirit of bipartisanship to cut through the gridlock. coming up at 7:15, the chances the president and congress will be able to keep the country from going off a fiscal cliff at the end of the year. >>> we're just three hours away from the grand opening of the paragam outlets in livermore and shoppers are expected to turn out in big numbers. claudine wong is live there with the impact this is expected to have on the economy. >> reporter: good morning. 130 stores. a lot of people looking for bargains. you have a big boost to the community. i want you to take a look down here.
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am EST
so careless or stupid or arrogant? born in a tenement on the wrong side of the tracks in newark, new jersey, kozlowski worked his way through school. >> i played guitar in a band. i worked in a pharmacy. i worked in a carwash. i had two or three jobs going at any given time. >> where you came from, there weren't that many options. >> no, no, growing up in newark, new jersey, at the time, you know, you never thought of yourself growing up to become a ceo. >> he started at tyco, then a small new hampshire manufacturing company, as an accountant making $28,000 a year and worked his way up to ceo. he became known as "deal-a-day dennis," constantly acquiring new companies and building tyco from a $40 million company into a $40 billion conglomerate. >> i would like to become, all things equal, a $100 billion company. >> wall street could not get enough of the young, aggressive ceo. he also began making staggering amounts of money, among the top-earning ceos in the country. >> we had a pay-for-performance culture at tyco, so most of the money i earned was in the appreciation of tyco st
Nov 4, 2012 2:00pm EST
roundtable will weigh in. >>> democratic mayor of newark, new jersey, cory booker. host of msnbc's "morning joe" joe scarborough. republican strategist mike murphy.r. co-toast of "today," savannah guthrie. and nbc news special correspondent tom brokaw. >>> live from nbc news election headquarters at democracy plaza in new york, this is a special edition of "meet the press." with david gregory. with david. >>> and good sunday morning. this is it from our nbc news election headquarters at new york's rockefeller plaza, now transformed into democracy plaza. we are just 48 hours away from election day, and these two candidates are in their final sprint. last night after a packed day, romney in colorado and obama in virginia trying to turn out their supporters and close the sale. back here in new york, meantime, areas near here in staten island, queens, long island, and new jersey still dealing with the devastating effects of hurricane sandy. lines, electricity still out for two million, and of course falling temperatures now. we've got it all covered this morning. to start things off, w
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 336 (some duplicates have been removed)